My Kimchi Making Experience in Seoul

During the first week of July, I had the opportunity to experience learning how to make a kimchi taught by a local through the kimchi making academy located in Seoul. The experience was very fun and foreigner friendly. It is a must try if you are a kimchi lover or wanting to experience the culture more.


Making the kimchi was very easy. Napa cabbage, radish, scallions, salt, grated garlic, ginger, sugar, salted shrimp paste, and Korean red pepper flakes are the ingredients you would need to make kimchi. There are many existing recipes to make Kimchi online, which are free and easily accessible to anyone. However, having that face-to-face experience with a local is different since you can rest assured that the recipe they’re teaching you is the best recipe. 

Making kimchi with friends is what makes it different from learning through online videos. It was a fun experience where everyone enjoyed chatting while making the kimchi. It was also a great opportunity to network with other people. Experiencing the kimchi-making process will also make you closer to the culture. Kimchi making place academies usually are held in traditional houses, where you would only see in dramas. Therefore, if you choose to do kimchi making academy, you will get to see the beauty of traditional houses in South Korea. After the Kimchi Making, they will usually serve refreshments and a kimchi pancake for you to try and you will get to take the kimchi you made home which you can ferment further or eat as soon as you get home. 

If you are someone who loves Korean food and Korean culture then I really recommend that you try kimchi making in Seoul to complete your trip to South Korea. The experience was catered to us and very thoughtful. I enjoyed bagging up the kimchi and the thoughtfulness of each step of the kimchi-making. From fermenting the cabbage and radish with chili’s and sugar, to the folding and wrapping of the cabbage to improve it’s preservation. When I come back to Seoul, I will be sure to visit Honnak Village again and make more delicious kimchi for myself and my family, a perfect pair to any meal!

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