Mango Bingsu and More: Must-Try Summer Desserts in Seoul

Bingsu, a shaved ice with fruits and sweets, is a traditional Korean dessert best for summer. You will be able to spot a Bingsu place on every corner of the street. Bingsu is so easy to make that you can even try doing it at home. Even though there’s plenty of Bingsu places, there are still some shops that serve Bingsu better than others.

Making Bingsu is so easy, all you need is some block of ice (usually milk based iced), condensed milk, fruit of your choice and syrup. Shave the block of ice, mix the ice, the fruit and the syrup in one bowl, then pour some condensed milk on top. 

The top 3 Bingsu places in Seoul, Korea include Sulbing, Dangok, and Bing Bing Bing. Dangok, located at Sinsa, is a must try. It has one of a kind signature Tarae Bingsu. Bing Bing Bing, located at Gangnam, offers single serving which is perfect for solo travellers. Sulbing is a really famous Bingsu place, which you will often find in every famous walking street. It is very affordable and the best place to hang out with friends.

The best seasonal Bingsu flavour for me is the Mango from Sulbing, it is a must try if you’re craving a fruity dessert for the summer. I recommend checking those places out if you’re visiting Seoul this summer.  

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