The Beauty of Convenience Stores in South Korea

When you think about convenience stores, you put emphasis on the word “convenient”. Many places or countries may say they have convenience stores, but are far from being ‘convenient’ since they are located far from residential areas. However, convenience stores in South Korea live up to their name.

Convenience stores in South Korea are everywhere, and are open 24/7. If you are planning to travel in South Korea, you may find yourself visiting convenience stores more than you would have anticipated. Convenience stores in South Korea offer essential items such as food, medicines, toiletries, ATMs, and you might even be surprised that some stores sell souvenirs.

Food found in convenience stores can be ready-to-eat meals, convenient for anyone who is rushing for a meal. They are also affordable and delicious, which is why convenience stores in South Korea are different from any other country in the world. 

The most popular convenience stores are GS25, CU, 7-Eleven, Ministop and Emart 24, they can be found near subway stations and residential areas. These convenience stores also often hold promotional events, which means you will often find ‘1+1 or 2+1’ signs, a good deal for such a small price. Most convenience stores may also offer seats and tables for customers, which is perfect for those wanting to eat their meals. Convenience stores are also popular places to hang out with friends over a quick meal. Convenience stores also offer coffee, which some may even argue is better than coffees made in a coffee shop.

South Korea’s convenience stores will be your go-to for everything that you need. Once you experience the beauty of convenience stores in South Korea, you do not want to let go.  

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