Exploring K-Beauty: A French Perspective on Korean Skincare Trends

Did you know that Korea is often hailed as the skincare capital of the world? As a French  girl with a newfound passion for Korean skincare, I’d love to share my journey and  perspective on how these innovative trends have transformed my approach to beauty. Growing up in France, skincare and beauty weren’t really on […]

Western Establishments in South Korea

Living in a foreign country can sometimes be a lonely experience; in times like these, a touch of home can go a long way. In Korea, one can find many such familiar international companies and franchises, but often with a small Korean twist. Beginning with restaurants, one of the first things I remember noticing was […]

Creating and Maintaining Relationships Abroad

Traveling to a new country by yourself can already be overwhelming on its own – adapting to a new environment, constantly being put outside of your comfort zone, and overall, having to experience everything on your own. On top of all of it, making an effort to stay in contact with family and friends in […]

I Went to The Day’s Hair Salon in Hongdae!

It’s clear that Korean influence has permeated today’s latest beauty trends. Especially when it comes to makeup and hair, Koreans are known for being innovative and efficient with their services! Before coming to Korea, I was debating on whether or not I should get my hair done. Some of my reservations of course included the […]

Walking Through Hongdae at Night

When talking about nightlife in Seoul, Hongdae is where everyone goes whether it’s for clubbing, food, bars, or just to hangout and go shopping with some friends. During my time in Seoul, I am staying in Hongdae for the large majority of my stay. Having been here for a month now, I believe I am […]

Essential Budgeting Advice for Living in Seoul

For anyone travelling overseas, one of the most important things to consider is budgeting. There are many factors to consider when you’re budgeting and it obviously varies from person, country and lifestyle but it is a thought that must always be at the back of your mind. Seoul is one of the most beautiful places […]

An Unforgettable Evening at the Han River

Before coming to Korea, I knew that going to the Han River was pretty high up on my bucket list! I’m a person who loves visiting places with friends that allow you to take in the views around you, enjoy each other’s company, and appreciate the simple things about life. And, as an added bonus, […]

Giving Back While Abroad: My Volunteering Experience in Seoul

I believe that while traveling to a foreign country gives you many unique experiences and memories, it is just as important to give back to the community that provided you with these opportunities. This past weekend, I had the honor of volunteering at Korea’s Red Cross Organization. We assisted in baking and packaging multigrain breads […]

Seoul Subway Survival Guide for Newcomers

I’m sure you’ve heard many times about how crowded the subway gets during rush hours in Asia, especially in Korea. When public transportation is as convenient and affordable as it is here, there is no reason not to use it. As a tourist, simply taking Line 2 will get you to all the popular tourist […]