What It’s Like To Be A Marketing Intern

The internship has always been the way for students to gain practical experience. Many students may find themselves interning in fields that are outside of their major. Many might be scared when this happens, and they might feel that the internship they’re doing is useless as it has no direct connection to their pathway. However, this is not the case for most internships, especially if you are a marketing intern. 

As a marketing intern, there are times where we will go out to explore South Korea, so we can have more content to talk about. This is a fun little excursion which will lighten up your mood, this will help your craving for an adventure as a tourist in South Korea, at the same time, it is counted as work. 

Not only do you get to explore South Korea, but you also learn the culture and history of South Korea. As a content marketing intern, you would need to research and plan a lot, you will need to have a content schedule ready, and research about the background of the content, this develops your research and planning skills. There are also times when you would have to speak in public, film in public, network with other people; which is a great opportunity to develop your communications skills. 

These skills are transferable skills, every job opportunity looks for candidates with the developed skills mentioned above. If you could develop those skills as an intern outside your field, that will already be an advantage for you. Therefore, do not be afraid to accept an opportunity where it will require you to intern in a field different from your chosen career. It is a great opportunity to learn and experience other careers while developing transferable skills which will give you an advantage when you apply for your chosen career.

Who knows, you might even find that the different career you are interning in is the perfect job for you.

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