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Kookmin University is a private research university located in Seoul, South Korea. It was established in 1946 as Kookmin College and became a university in 1987. The university has since become one of the leading institutions of higher education in the country, known for its academic excellence and innovative programs.

Kookmin University offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs across various fields, including engineering, humanities and social sciences, business administration, law, design, and art. The university has a strong focus on interdisciplinary education, encouraging students to explore multiple areas of study and pursue cross-disciplinary research projects.

Kookmin University is also known for its strong research culture, with a range of research centers and institutes dedicated to cutting-edge research across various fields. The university’s research activities are supported by state-of-the-art facilities and a strong network of industry and academic partners.

In addition to its academic programs and research activities, Kookmin University is committed to promoting social responsibility and community engagement. The university has various programs and initiatives aimed at fostering social awareness and encouraging students to contribute to the community.

Overall, Kookmin University is a respected institution with a strong academic reputation and a commitment to innovation and social responsibility. The university’s diverse range of programs and interdisciplinary approach make it an attractive choice for students seeking to pursue their academic and professional goals in a dynamic and supportive environment.


Tuition Fee

Academic Year 2023

Undergraduate Degree: 3,900,000~5,800,000 KRW

Postgraduate Degree: 5,967,000~7,767,000 KRW

Level of Study

Undergraduate, Graduate, Doctoral programs.

Kookmin University offers a range of study levels, including undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs.

At the undergraduate level, Kookmin University offers various programs across 13 colleges, including engineering, humanities and area studies, business administration, law, design, art, and etc. The university’s undergraduate programs are designed to provide students with a strong foundation in their chosen fields, as well as opportunities to explore interdisciplinary studies and gain practical experience through internships and research projects.

At the graduate level, Kookmin University offers master’s and doctoral programs across various fields, including engineering, humanities and social sciences, business administration, law, design, art, etc. The university’s graduate programs are renowned for their academic rigor and innovation, with a focus on cutting-edge research and interdisciplinary collaboration.


QS World Universities Ranking: 1001 – 1200

The Times Higher Education World University Rankings: –


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