Konkuk University, Application Period for Overseas Koreans and Foreign Students: July 9-11

Konkuk University will conduct the application process for the 2025 academic year early admission “Overseas Koreans and Foreign Students” from July 9 to 11.

The eligibility criteria are divided into three main categories. Type 1 (Overseas Koreans and Foreigners) includes children of employees working overseas who have studied for more than three years during middle and high school. This includes children of dispatched employees, local employees, and self-employed individuals abroad. Applicants must meet the overseas study, residence, and employment periods, and complete the entire curriculum equivalent to the Korean 12-year school system.

Type 2 (Completion of Entire Curriculum) includes overseas Koreans or foreigners who have completed all elementary, middle, and high school courses abroad. If the student attended schools with different academic systems, they must have completed more than 12 years of education based on the Korean school system. If unavoidable, the period spent in university in that country can be recognized as part of the high school education period.

Type 3 (North Korean Defectors) includes North Korean defectors under the “Act on the Protection and Settlement Support of North Korean Defectors.” Children born in a third country are not eligible.

Konkuk University will select a total of 60 students for Type 1 this year. There is no admission quota for Type 2 and Type 3, but for the College of Veterinary Medicine, the combined quota for Types 2 and 3 is limited to three students.

Applicants for Types 1 and 3 must take a written exam. Humanities and Natural Sciences fields will be selected based entirely on written exam scores. For Arts and Physical Education fields, three times the number of candidates will be selected in the first stage based on written exam scores, and in the second stage, final candidates will be selected by combining 60% of the first stage score and 40% of the interview score.

The written exam, consisting of multiple-choice questions, will be conducted over 100 minutes. Humanities and Arts fields will have English (40 questions) and Korean (40 questions), while Natural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine fields will have English (40 questions) and Mathematics (25 questions).

Type 2 applicants will be evaluated based on documents, with 70% academic capability and 30% career capability. For Humanities and Natural Sciences, final candidates will be selected based on the document evaluation results. For Arts and Physical Education, the first stage document evaluation will be followed by a second stage combining 60% of the first stage score and 40% of the interview score.

For Veterinary Medicine, Type 1 applicants will be selected solely based on written exam scores. For Types 2 and 3, applicants will be selected based on combined written exam and document evaluation scores in the first stage, followed by a second stage combining 60% of the first stage score and 40% of the interview score to select the final candidates.

The written exam for Konkuk University’s “Overseas Koreans and Foreign Students” admission will be held on July 26, the interview on August 6, and the final results will be announced on September 13.

Detailed eligibility criteria and application methods can be found in the admissions guidelines posted on the Konkuk University admissions office website.

Website: http://www.konkuk.ac.kr