Tongmyong University BIC International Student Orientation “A Lively Gathering of Over 200 People from Multiple Countries”

– Busan International College Enjoys a Festive Atmosphere with K-pop and K-dance Performances –

On March 26th, Tongmyong University held an orientation session for new international students for the 2024 academic year at the Grand Auditorium of the Central Library, specifically for students of the Busan International College (BIC).

A total of 149 new students (8 from the Global Korean Studies department, 72 from the Global Business department, 30 from the Computer Engineering department, 8 from the Mechatronics Engineering department, and 31 from the Information System and Security department, from a total of 9 countries) attended, along with over 200 people including professors, to celebrate this event.

To welcome the international students, there were K-pop performances by Tongmyong University’s club 애오라지 (Aeoraji) and busking band 조수훈 (Jo Soo-hoon), as well as a K-dance performance by the university’s club Zapper.

President Jeon Ho-hwan, professors from the International College (Dean Jeong Byung-ik), and other foreign professors introduced themselves and their departments in a witty manner, fostering communication with the international students from various countries. President Jeon emphasized, “Busan International College will implement a customized curriculum to nurture international students who can lead future global innovations.”

Currently, Busan International College at Tongmyong University hosts over 1,000 international students from 17 countries. Through the operation of BIC, Tongmyong University aims to fill half of its enrollment with international students by 2028, while also operating various linkage programs with foreign universities, continually advancing as a substantial global university.