French Wines Dominate Active Seniors’ Wine Consumption Trends

78.6% of Active Seniors Have Purchased Wine in the Last Two Years
40s Prefer Affordable Wines Over High-Quality Makgeolli

<Infographic of ‘2024 Active Senior Wine Usage Trends’ Survey Results>

Impact Peoples, a senior social venture, announced on the 19th that it conducted a survey on the wine trends of middle-aged adults in 2024.

The survey was conducted through Impact Peoples’ specialized lifestyle research platform for the 40-60 age group, ‘Aful,’ from April 29 to May 14, targeting 374 men and women aged 40 and above.

First, when asked about their ‘experience of consuming wine in the past three months,’ 79.7% of respondents aged 40 and above said they had consumed wine. When these respondents were asked about their ‘experience of purchasing wine in the last two years,’ 78.6% replied that they had purchased wine.

Regarding the questions about the ‘most frequently purchased wine production region’ and the ‘most desired wine production region,’ ‘France’ ranked first with 34.8% and 48.7%, respectively. The second most frequently purchased wine production region was ‘South America’ (23.8%), followed by ‘Italy’ (15.5%). For the ‘most desired wine production region,’ ‘Italy’ came second (17.1%) and ‘South America’ third (10.4%).

Additionally, when asked if they ‘differentiate wine types depending on the occasion,’ 56.4% responded ‘yes.’ Furthermore, 70.3% of respondents said they had purchased an aperitif wine in the past two years, indicating that the culture of distinguishing wine types according to the menu and ambiance is becoming more common in the daily lives of the 40-60 age group.

When asked about the ‘price range of wines usually purchased,’ 40.6% of respondents said they mainly buy wines priced ‘under 30,000 KRW.’ This was followed by ‘40,000-60,000 KRW’ (28.6%) and ‘70,000-90,000 KRW’ (13.9%). These responses indicate that middle-aged adults tend to prefer lower-priced wines.

Lastly, active seniors were asked whether they would choose a ‘reasonably priced wine’ or a ‘high-quality domestic makgeolli.’ 69.8% chose ‘reasonably priced wine.’ When analyzed by age group, 73.1% of respondents in their 40s chose wine, showing a higher preference compared to other age groups. In the 70s age group, 52.4% chose wine, and 47.6% chose makgeolli, showing a similar preference for both products.

Impact Peoples’ Aful service is Korea’s first specialized lifestyle research platform for the 40-60 age group, building a 40-60 database to help senior-targeted companies with trend diagnosis and forecasting, providing senior product review information, and developing online work opportunities for seniors to contribute to the senior industry’s development.

Aful is derived from the term ‘A generation,’ a neologism referring to Active Seniors who are beginning a leisurely and prosperous second act of life with strong purchasing power.

Insight Report: 2024 Wine Usage Trends Report:

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Impact Peoples was established to proactively address the issues of a super-aging society by operating an online platform for seniors and a senior job alliance to connect job opportunities for middle-aged and older adults, ultimately aiming to create an innovative senior business ecosystem.