Appier Supports vFlat in Acquiring High-Value Users with AI Solutions

AI-based Mobile Scanner App ‘vFlat’ Improves Subscription Conversion Rates with Appier’s AI Solution ‘AIBID’
Achieves Over 100% ROAS through Campaign Optimization via AI Solutions and Managed Services

Global AI Software as a Service (SaaS) company Appier has revealed a case study of its collaboration with AI startup VoyagerX’s mobile scanner app ‘vFlat.’ Appier announced that vFlat has been consistently increasing its high-value user base and maintaining high return on ad spend (ROAS) through user acquisition and re-engagement campaigns utilizing Appier’s AI solution ‘AIBID.’

vFlat is an AI-based mobile scanner app that uses AI technology to flatten the curved surfaces of documents or books while scanning, providing a service that removes shadows and various noises created during document shooting. This allows users to digitize documents quickly and easily, making the app highly popular.

As the shift towards a paperless system accelerates, the document scanner market is rapidly growing. According to Global Market Insights, the document scanner market, which recorded approximately $300 million in sales in 2023, is expected to grow at an average annual rate of 4.7% from 2024 to 2032. This market trend has brought attention to scanner apps like vFlat that allow convenient document digitization via mobile devices.

Since its launch in 2019, vFlat has surpassed 10 million cumulative downloads, maintaining its popularity. The app aimed to more efficiently expand its user base subscribing to premium services. However, with limited internal resources, a new strategy was needed to achieve a higher conversion per acquisition (CPA) than existing campaigns.

In response, vFlat adopted AIBID and optimized its campaigns through Appier’s managed services. AIBID is an AI solution that uses proprietary AI audience models to identify and target high-value users. It supports not only increasing app downloads through new user acquisition and re-engagement based on deep learning but also achieving high ROAS.

Initially, vFlat, in collaboration with Appier, ran a user acquisition (UA) campaign to effectively attract new users who had not installed the vFlat app. Through AIBID, they targeted users who were likely to subscribe after installation. Additionally, they conducted retargeting campaigns aimed at users who had downloaded the app but not subscribed and those whose subscription periods had expired, reactivating high-value users and increasing subscription conversion rates. Particularly, they strategically utilized promotional events during special seasons such as the start of a new school term to optimize CPA and promote new user inflow and existing user subscription conversion.

As a result, vFlat exceeded its target CPA and ROAS by over 100% within the set budget, expanded its user base, and increased its Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV). Appier also contributed to vFlat’s continued achievement of KPIs through budget management and campaign optimization via cost-per-install (CPI) billing.

Jin-Hyuk Yang, Performance Marketing Manager at VoyagerX, stated, “Achieving ROAS is challenging due to the various performance factors to consider, such as first-month payments and average renewal rates for subscription services. However, with Appier’s proactive and close support and optimization efforts, we have consistently achieved the expected KPIs. As VoyagerX develops and offers various services, including vFlat, we hope to expand our synergy with Appier in future projects.”

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