[GAMETOC] Honkai: Star Rail Reveals New Character ‘Jade’ Trailer

300,000 Won Herta… Quantum Element, The Path to Great Knowledge, Queen of Deceit Imminent Release

With eyes as cold as a snake, a stunning appearance, a perfect figure, and a captivating voice, the Queen of Deceit is about to meet Honkai: Star Rail fans.

HoYoverse unveiled the trailer for the new character ‘Jade’ titled ‘Desire Collection’ on the 9th, as part of the second half of Honkai: Star Rail’s version 2.3 update.

The trailer begins with Jade sitting on the back of a subordinate, asking, “Didn’t anyone tell you?” while holding a snake that eyes the subordinates. Jade adds, “Desire can create opportunities but also bring death.”

She then rises and stands before a tied-up subordinate who pleads for innocence. Jade, not believing his words, declares it’s time for a lesson and attacks him with a whip.

When Jade attacks, snake-shaped effects appear, matching her sharp and refined design. The chilling atmosphere and high-quality animation are also top-notch.

The subordinate, under Jade’s whip, eventually begs for forgiveness, confessing everything. However, Jade has no intention of listening anymore. Suddenly, another subordinate ambushes Jade from behind.

Jade, aware of the betrayal, says, “There can’t be just one spy inside.” Surrounded by traitorous subordinates, she remains unfazed. With whip attacks reminiscent of a snake’s deadly fangs and swift movements, she quickly annihilates the spies.

This scene highlights Jade as a character specialized in the ‘Story of Deceit’ content, where she engages in battles against multiple enemies.

Fans have nicknamed Jade the ‘300,000 Won Herta,’ referring to a 5-star character with roles similar to the 4-star character Herta.

The trailer ends with Jade’s line, “Once desire starts to burn, it endlessly craves. Unfortunately, at the end of the comedy, only the ashes of greed remain.”

Jade is a 5-star quantum element, The Path to Great Knowledge character. Voice actress Kim Soon-mi provides the Korean dubbing, with ‘contract’ and ‘additional attack’ as her main keywords.

Like Aventurine and Topaz, she is a senior executive in the ‘Company’ Strategic Investment Department and one of the 10 Stoneheart members. She is the first Honkai: Star Rail character designed with a mechanism allowing basic attacks to deal splash damage, attracting fan interest.

As previously mentioned, her main gimmick is the contract. Using the combat skill ‘Collateral of Merging Fusion,’ Jade can form a ‘Debt Collector’ contract with a single ally for three turns, increasing their speed by 30 points.

When the contracted character attacks, Jade deals additional damage. However, this comes with a penalty of reducing the contracted character’s max HP by 2%. If Jade herself is the contracted target, the speed increase and HP reduction effects are negated.

If a Debt Collector is present on the field, Jade cannot activate her combat skill. Each turn, the Debt Collector state’s duration decreases by one.

Additionally, whenever she or the contracted character attacks, charge points accumulate. Once fully charged, they deal additional damage to all enemies once. Her ultimate skill, ‘Abyss of Oaths, Eternal Contract,’ deals damage to all enemies and enhances her additional attacks. 

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