[GAMETOC] THE FIRST DESCENDANT Continues to Soar, Surpassing 260,000 Concurrent Players

Despite Mixed Reviews on Steam, Concurrent Player Numbers Are Steadily Increasing

Nexon’s ‘THE FIRST DESCENDANT’ has set a new record with its peak concurrent player count on Steam surpassing 260,000.

On the 7th, ‘THE FIRST DESCENDANT’ exceeded 260,000 concurrent players, surpassing the previous record of 248,000 and setting a new personal best. Despite fluctuations, the number of concurrent players has been steadily increasing since the game’s release.

However, player opinions on ‘THE FIRST DESCENDANT’ are quite divided. Out of 38,391 Steam reviews, 51% are positive. The overall rating is ‘Mixed,’ which is not particularly favorable compared to other recently popular games.

Regardless of public opinion, ‘THE FIRST DESCENDANT’ continues to attract a steady stream of players. As of 6 PM on the 2nd, the game had 170,000 concurrent players on Steam. This number rose to 230,000 on the 4th, 240,000 on the 6th, and surpassed 260,000 on the 7th.

– Despite fluctuations, the number of concurrent players is steadily increasing (Source: Steam Charts)

At launch, the game received positive feedback for its character design, visuals, graphics, and costume textures. Conversely, it quickly addressed issues such as optimization and various bugs that were criticized.

After several patches post-launch, the game has become significantly smoother, leading to a surge in both new and returning players. Despite occasional dips, the overall trend in concurrent player numbers is upward.

‘THE FIRST DESCENDANT’ is a global looter shooter game featuring high-quality visuals powered by Unreal Engine 5 and dynamic, gun-based combat. Players can freely combine weapons and skills to alter their stats and devise various strategies for battle.

The game offers eight regions to explore based on the open specifications, allowing players to enjoy the main story, defeat 16 colossal bosses in ‘Void Intercept Battle,’ engage in 16 dungeon-style ‘Infiltration Operations,’ and play eight stage-based ‘Special Operations’ content.

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