[GAMETOC] First Descendant “Ultimate VALBY to Launch on August 1st”

Season 1 Begins on August 29th… Seasons Last 3 Months, New Content Updated Monthly

Nexon is set to introduce a new successor, “Luna,” and the Ultimate VALBY in “First Descendant” on August 1st. The regular season will commence on August 29th, with each season lasting three months and content updates planned monthly.

On the 5th, Nexon Games’ First Descendant PD, Bumjun Lee, engaged with fans through the official live broadcast “Dev CHAT.”

“This is our first Dev CHAT since the launch. First, I want to thank all users enjoying First Descendant. Just before the broadcast, we broke the record for the highest concurrent users. We rapidly expanded the server to handle this,” Lee began.

He continued, “On the first day of launch, the distribution of Calibers was delayed. Additionally, a service disruption occurred on Microsoft Azure, leading to a large-scale server maintenance. The development team worked overnight to resolve the issues, and I apologize once again for the inconvenience.”

Currently, the First Descendant development team is preparing a hotfix. This hotfix is expected to improve performance issues on PlayStation 5 and enhance client and server stability. Various bugs, as well as issues with the 1st beta test and Twitch Drops rewards, will also be addressed.

Lee then discussed the open API, responding to user concerns about the excessive personal information consent required.

The open API is crucial for users to utilize various tools and information sites. A well-known example is OP.GG, a stats and information site using open API data.

“First Descendant implemented the open API at launch. However, this requires using players’ in-game data, which necessitates consent for personal information. While this is included in the terms, there were concerns about excessive data requests. To clarify, no personal information is used except for nicknames. We plan to improve the explanations around this,” Lee explained.

Addressing user feedback on bland gun sounds and intermittent crashes, he promised improvements. However, he noted that the “out of video memory” crash error is not a game issue but an Intel CPU problem, which must be resolved through Intel BIOS setup according to official Intel guidelines.

Upcoming content includes an eight-week preseason, with new additions such as the successor “Luna,” Ultimate VALBY, and new bosses on August 1st.

The first regular season starts on August 29th. Lee added, “Seasons will run every three months, with monthly content updates. We are already developing Season 2.”

Concluding the broadcast, he stated, “It’s been a month since the launch. We are carefully reviewing user feedback and will continue to strive to provide a stable gaming experience.” 

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