Wontech Asia Hosts “Oligio Summer Night” with Rowoon in Thailand

On June 18th, Wontech Asia’s Oligio Ambassador, actor Rowoon, attended the “Oligio Summer Night” event in Thailand. Wontech Co., Ltd. (Co-CEOs Jong-Won Kim and Jung-Hyun Kim), a global company providing laser and energy-based medical solutions, organized this exclusive fan meetup at Park Nai Lert in Thailand. The event was attended by over 100 VIP guests, including prominent local doctors, influencers, and representatives from major clinic chains.

During the event, Rowoon expressed his excitement about becoming the face of Oligio in Thailand. He engaged with the VIP guests by sharing his skincare routine and promoting the benefits of Oligio. The event was themed “Into the Looking Glass – Discover Your Beauty Through Oligio’s Mirror,” symbolized by elements such as crystal trees, a lake, and mirrors, representing the desire for radiant and glowing skin.

Outside the venue, around 500 fans gathered to catch a glimpse of Rowoon, showcasing his immense popularity. Despite the hot weather of 36 degrees Celsius, Wontech displayed thoughtful consideration by preparing small gifts to help the fans cool down. 

A representative from Wontech stated, “Thanks to Rowoon’s popularity, the interest in Oligio is rapidly growing.” Indeed, Wontech Asia, utilizing Ambassador Rowoon, is actively engaging in both B2C and B2B marketing, including Academic Forums, KOL Advisory Committees, and FMT Training. These efforts have helped Wontech Asia secure a significant market share in Thailand’s Monopolar RF market. Within just five months of obtaining approval for Oligio, over 125 units have been ordered, achieving 100% of the 2024 sales target.

Additionally, Wontech Asia expects to surpass its sales targets in the second half of the year with the Thai FDA approval and the commencement of sales for other laser devices like Picocare Majesty and PicoAlex.

This year, Wontech Asia plans to strengthen its presence in the Thai aesthetic market using Rowoon as the Oligio Ambassador. They also plan to host the Oligio Summit in August, bringing together users from across Asia to foster a sense of community and enhance brand visibility.