Korea Daily News (July 3, 2024)


  • Lee Soon-jae Reveals Health Decline: The 89-year-old veteran actor Lee Soon-jae has disclosed his deteriorating health.
  • Trot Singer Kim Hye-yeon: Purchased a house in Cheongdam-dong thanks to her hit song ‘It’s a Snake.’
  • Choi Dong-seok’s Post-Divorce Life: Former KBS announcer Choi Dong-seok, who divorced Park Ji-yoon last year, reveals his single life on TV Chosun’s new observational reality show.



  • Average Age of CEOs in Korea’s Top 500 Companies: 59.6 years, up 1.1 years from 2020.
  • NAVER: Needs to demonstrate its AI service competitiveness and defend against C-commerce penetration, necessitating a downward adjustment of its target stock price.
  • LG Energy Solution: Performance falls short of market expectations, leading to a revised lower target stock price.
  • Home Mortgage Loans at Top 5 Banks: Fixed-rate loans have increased from 41.6% to 74%.
  • LG Energy Solution: Secured its first supply contract for LFP ESS in Europe.



  • Increased Childcare Infrastructure Budget: Positive impact on birth rates.
  • Decrease in Jeju Tourists: Domestic visitors have declined by 8% due to the negative image of Jeju black pork belly, prompting a strong response.



  • High-Performance Robotic Prosthesis Development: U.S. research team developed a robotic leg prosthesis controlled by brain signals.
  • Naver Labs’ Digital Twin Technology: Piloting Street View services in Gangnam and Bukchon, with a nationwide update underway.



  • Herculaneum Archaeological Park in Italy: Ancient beach destroyed by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius has been opened to the public.
  • Vietnamese Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh: Meetings with Samsung, LG, and Hyosung to discuss investment cooperation.



  • Corporate Credit Ratings Decline: Continued high interest rates are increasing financial burdens.
  • Aton AI Chatbot Service: Passed K-PaaS’s stringent stability and compatibility standards, planning to expand services to public institutions.



  • Higher Education Act Enforcement Decree Amendment: Provides a legal basis for reducing enrollment quotas by 5% for universities involved in major admission fraud.