Korea daily news(June 21st~23rd 2024)


  • Statement by Jeon Hyun-hee, Democratic Party Lawmaker: Jeon Hyun-hee defended Supreme Council member Kang Min-gu’s praise of party leader Lee Jae-myung as “the father of the Democratic Party,” calling it “an expression of faith.”
  • Han Dong-hoon, Former Emergency Committee Chair: It has been reported that former Emergency Committee Chair Han Dong-hoon discussed running for the next People’s Power Party leadership election with President Yoon Suk-yeol over a phone call.
  • Supreme Council Candidacy: Lee Sang-kyu, the district chairperson, announced his candidacy and officially entered the political arena.



  • Busan Salon Incident: A salon owner in Busan reported a suspicious customer carrying a weapon after reviewing CCTV footage.
  • Cheongju Drunk Driving Accident: A drunk driver in his 20s caused an accident in Cheongju, hitting pedestrians and bicycles, resulting in five casualties.
  • Sexual Harassment Conviction: Uijeongbu District Court sentenced a man in his 30s to prison for groping women on the street.
  • Doctor Lawsuit: A patient sued a doctor for violating the Medical Service Act after the doctor joined a collective strike.



  • EcoPro BM, KOSDAQ Market Cap Leader: Analysts are suggesting that the stock price of EcoPro BM is overvalued.
  • KB Securities Samsung Electronics Investment Opinion: KB Securities maintains a ‘buy’ rating for Samsung Electronics, expecting improved performance in the second half.
  • Daishin Securities Evaluation of Paradise: Daishin Securities maintains a target price of 22,000 KRW for Paradise, positively evaluating the growth of VIP customers.
  • European Stock Markets: European stock markets have recently declined, influenced by expectations of an interest rate cut by the European Central Bank.



  • Go Hyun-jung Interview: Actress Go Hyun-jung addressed past accusations of power abuse in a fashion magazine interview, claiming she was misunderstood.
  • Park Dong-bin’s Childhood Confession: Actor Park Dong-bin shared his painful childhood experiences on a current affairs program.
  • Success of “Tears of the Queen” Export: Dramas “Tears of the Queen” and “Marry My Husband” have contributed to high ratings and the export of related industries.
  • Elle Korea Interview: Go Hyun-jung’s interview with Elle Korea, where she clarified misunderstandings about her, has become a hot topic.



  • Putin’s Warning: Russian President Vladimir Putin warned that providing lethal weapons to Ukraine would be a big mistake for South Korea.
  • US Presidential Polls: A recent poll shows President Joe Biden leading former President Donald Trump.
  • LVMH and Naver Collaboration: Luxury brand LVMH has joined Naver, enhancing its online presence.



  • Women’s Nth Room Case: The recent women’s Nth room case and a trainee soldier’s death are intensifying gender conflicts.
  • Inheritance Tax Discussion: The government and the ruling party are discussing reforms to the inheritance tax system, including a shift to an inheritance acquisition tax and a re-evaluation of the major shareholder surcharge tax.
  • Musinsa Paid Delivery Service: Fashion platform Musinsa is conducting a customer survey to introduce a paid delivery service.