Korea daily news(June 20th 2024)


  • Lotte Wellfood: IBK Securities expects stronger momentum in Lotte Wellfood’s India business, raising the target price from 1.7 million KRW to 2.2 million KRW.
  • Lotte Rental: Eugene Investment & Securities anticipates improved profitability in the used car rental business, maintaining a ‘buy’ rating and a target price of 35,000 KRW.
  • Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport Low Birth Rate Measures: Special loans for dual-income households with an annual income of 250 million KRW, applying a preferential interest rate of 0.4% points, and easing qualifications for public rental housing renewal.


  • Arrest of Child Sex Offender: A Korean man, wanted for child sex crime charges in Korea, has been arrested in Ecuador.
  • Prosecutor Public Recruitment: The Corruption Investigation Office for High-ranking Officials (CIO) is conducting public recruitment for prosecutors.
  • Sanctions for Child Support Non-Payment: Sanctions, including travel bans, have been imposed on 164 parents for non-payment of child support.
  • Expansion of Foreign Domestic Helpers: To alleviate childcare burdens, the model of Filipino domestic helpers has been expanded to 1,200 workers.
  • Korean Golf Legend Award: Se Ri Pak received the ‘Van Fleet Award’ for her contributions to the development of Korea-US relations.


  • Lisbon-Madrid Direct Train: A direct train linking Lisbon, Portugal, and Madrid, Spain, is planned for 2027.
  • Tourism Regulation in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan: A screen is set to be installed on the ‘Bridge of Dreams’ at Mount Fuji photo zone to prevent over-tourism.
  • Italian Political Situation: Prime Minister Meloni’s key policy passed the Senate, but two-thirds agreement from lawmakers remains uncertain.


  • Prosecution of Se Ri Pak’s Father: The father of former golfer Se Ri Pak has been sent to the prosecution for forging official documents by secretly making a seal with her name.
  • Hongcheon County Food Exports to the US: Hongcheon County has signed an agreement with the Korean American Economic Association in New York City to cooperate on food exports to the US.


  • Chuseok Golden Holiday: In 2025, the Chuseok holiday will be a seven-day golden holiday, including National Foundation Day on October 3 and Hangeul Day on October 9.
  • Summer Subway Tips: Seoul Transportation Corporation has released tips for staying cool while using the subway in summer.
  • Holidays Next Year: In 2024, there will be a total of 119 holidays, with the longest holiday period being a seven-day stretch during Chuseok.
  • Stroke Symptoms: Sudden slurred speech and paralysis on one side of the body may indicate a stroke; timely treatment within the golden hour is crucial.