Korea daily news(June 11th 2024)

Economy and Finance

  • Approximately 45,000 people flocked to the no-priority apartment subscription in Seoul, with an expected market price gain of around 400 million KRW.
  • NH Investment & Securities and Daishin Securities raised their target prices for Doosan Fuel Cell and Korea Gas Corporation, respectively.
  • The current account turned to a deficit in April due to dividend payments to foreign investors.
  • The S&P 500 and Nasdaq indices hit record highs on the New York Stock Exchange.
  • The National Pension Service is set to increase insurance premiums.

Politics and Society

  • Jung Cheong-rae of the Democratic Party of Korea was elected as the chairman of the Legislative and Judiciary Committee for the first half of the 22nd National Assembly, with plans to review the Chae Sang-byeong special investigation bill.
  • Lee Seok-hyun, interim chairman, criticized the Democratic Party of Korea.
  • 17 individuals, including current professors and brokers, were caught in an admissions fraud case.
  • The amendment to the Medical Service Act states that if a joint hospital director’s qualifications are suspended, they will not be recognized as a medical aid institution.

Industry and Technology

  • The president of General Motors (GM) Korea R&D Corporation shared a vision for future design.
  • Hyundai Motor Company revealed a teaser image of the electric vehicle, Casper Electric.
  • The domestic defense industry is pushing for global market entry and performance evaluation.
  • Apple announced plans to integrate ChatGPT into iOS.

Culture and Arts

  • During the Paris Olympics, Korean picture book authors will visit Paris.
  • Phoebe Gallery is hosting a solo exhibition by Chae Hye-rim.
  • The Peppa Pig theme park, often dubbed “Europe’s Pororo,” has opened in Germany.

Events and Promotions

  • Domino’s Pizza launched the “Fighting Korea” promotion to wish for Korea’s victory.
  • Pepper and Salt is hosting a pop-up store in collaboration with YouTuber “Jamdeul TV.”


  • Temperatures are expected to exceed 30 degrees Celsius in most parts of the country on the 11th.
  • North Korea has improved and prepared its missile bases over the past five years.
  • The United Nations Security Council passed a specific resolution.
  • Seoul’s major commercial districts saw declines in sales and closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with the Seongsu district being an exception.