Korea daily news(June 10th 2024)


  • The government plans to conduct a survey among residents of the first new towns entering reconstruction and devise a relocation plan based on the survey results.
  • A police officer who was dismissed for inadequately responding to the 2021 ‘Incheon Knife Incident’ filed a lawsuit but lost in the second trial as well.
  • A tragic accident occurred in Muan County, South Jeolla Province, where an SUV fell into the sea from a pier, resulting in the deaths of a 70-year-old mother and her 50-year-old son.
  • A third-grade student at an elementary school in Jeonju, who previously sparked controversy for slapping the vice-principal, was handed over to the police for stealing a bicycle.
  • A so-called ‘MZ gang’, involved in illegal lending with annual interest rates exceeding 1,000% and engaging in extortion and threats, was sentenced to imprisonment.
  • Starting next month, the national pension insurance premiums for employees earning over 5.9 million won per month will be increased.


  • Korea Investment & Securities has raised its target price for SK Hynix, citing sustained dominance in the high-bandwidth memory (HBM) market and improved profitability in NAND.
  • LS Securities has maintained a ‘buy’ rating and target price for LG Electronics, noting continuous profitability despite a downturn in demand.
  • The number of individuals subject to the comprehensive real estate tax on residential properties has dropped by over 99% in one year.
  • This year, South Korea’s exports to the United States have surpassed its exports to China.
  • The proportion of first-time homebuyers in their 30s is increasing, with those born in the 1990s emerging as major purchasers in the real estate market.
  • Following the decision by Seoul National University Medical School professors to go on a collective strike starting on the 17th, the Korean Medical Association (KMA) has announced a collective strike and general rally on the 18th.


  • A low-calorie seasoning powder with a ‘kimchi flavor’ has been released.
  • CJ Freshway reported that sales of snacks for children and adolescents have grown at an annual average rate of 31% over the past three years.


  • A case in the United States where a Mexican indigenous man was institutionalized for over ten years for ‘speaking incomprehensibly’ is being revisited.
  • French investment firm Archimed Group is planning a public tender offer worth 724.4 billion won for JCS Med, a KOSDAQ-listed domestic beauty and medical device company.
  • French President Emmanuel Macron, anticipating a crushing defeat to far-right parties in the European Parliament elections, announced plans to dissolve the parliament and hold early general elections.
  • The European Parliament election results show centrists barely holding their positions, while far-right parties have made significant gains.
  • William D. Magwood IV, Director-General of the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency, emphasized the necessity of nuclear power to address the intermittency issues of renewable energy.