Korea daily news(June 6th 2024)


  • Democratic Party’s Solo Vote, First Opposition-Led Opening in Constitutional History: The 22nd National Assembly opened solely by the opposition amidst the ruling People Power Party’s absence.
  • Rep. Kang Seung-kyu of People Power Party Proposes Local University Development Act: Aimed at enhancing competitiveness of local universities and nurturing local talent.
  • Rep. Kim Eun-hye of People Power Party Proposes Abolition of Reconstruction Excess Profit Tax: Proposing the abolition of the reconstruction excess profit tax enacted in 2006.


  • Defector Group Launches 200,000 Leaflets to North Korea: The Free North Korea Movement announced the launch of leaflets using ten balloons.
  • ‘1.4 Trillion Won Property Division’ SK Chairman Case Goes to Supreme Court: Chairman Chey Tae-won’s dispute over the contribution to stocks received from his predecessor.
  • Third Perpetrator in Miryang Gang Rape Case Temporarily Reassigned: The third identified perpetrator was temporarily reassigned from his job at a large corporation.
  • Tourist Bus Collision on Central Inland Expressway: A tourist bus collided with another bus, causing an accident.
  • Korea Southern Power Hosts ‘Integrity Festival’: Held in Busan, with participation from around 200 members of the local integrity management council.
  • Clear Skies Nationwide on Memorial Day: The temperature in central inland areas and parts of North Gyeongsang Province is expected to reach around 30 degrees Celsius.
  • Controversy Over Jeonbuk Police Chief Dancing at University Festival: The police chief of Jeonbuk was seen dancing at a university festival, leading to public criticism.
  • Visitors Flock to National Cemetery Ahead of Memorial Day: Many visitors are paying their respects at the Seoul National Cemetery ahead of Memorial Day.


  • Samsung Falls to Second Place in Foldable Smartphone Market: Huawei overtook Samsung in the global foldable smartphone market.
  • Nongshim Sells 7 Million Packs of ‘Jjapagetti The Black’ in a Month: The new product has sold 7 million packs since its launch.
  • KOSPI Closes Higher: The index rose due to foreign investors’ net buying.
  • Increase in Auction Properties in Myeongdong and Gangnam: A surge in auction properties is observed in the real estate market.
  • New Auction Applications Surge to 40,000: The highest number since 2013, driven by interest rate hikes and economic downturn.


  • Putin Comments on South Korea’s Arms Supply to Ukraine: President Vladimir Putin remarked that South Korea is not directly supplying weapons to Ukraine.
  • Philippine Police Arrested for Kidnapping Foreign Tourists: Officers kidnapped foreign tourists to demand ransom.
  • Canada Lowers Key Interest Rate: Canada became the first advanced economy to cut its interest rate amid declining inflation.
  • Ukraine Attacks Russian Mainland Military Facilities: For the first time, Ukraine used US-provided weapons to strike Russian military facilities.


  • Lee Jung-jae Cast in Disney+ ‘The Acolyte’: Playing a more humanized Jedi in the Star Wars universe.
  • Bus Accident on Hill Near Sangmyung University: A village bus slipped, injuring about 40 people including the driver and passengers.
  • National Palace Museum Storage Revealed for the First Time Since 2005: The storage room of the museum has been opened to the public for the first time.
  • Westlife to Perform in Korea After 13 Years: The Irish pop band is set to perform in Korea.
  • Professor Shin Byung-ju Releases New Book on Seoul’s History: Shin Byung-ju of Konkuk University releases a new book focusing on Seoul’s history.


  • Comedian Lee Guk-joo Diagnosed with Sleep Apnea: Lee Guk-joo visited the hospital and was diagnosed with sleep apnea.
  • Singer Kim Ho-joong Arrested for Drunk Driving Hit-and-Run: Kim Ho-joong was arrested and banned from appearing on KBS.
  • Actor Byun Woo-seok Gains Popularity in Advertising: Known for his role in ‘The King’s Affection,’ Byun Woo-seok is now a hot star in the advertising industry.
  • BTS J-Hope Wins Top Award at Army Presentation Contest: J-Hope received the top award at the ‘Strong Warrior, Army! Presentation Contest’.
  • Super Junior’s Kim Hee-chul Denies Rumors of Visiting Japanese Nightclubs: Kim Hee-chul directly denied the rumors, and SM Entertainment also announced it would take legal action.