Korea daily news(June 5th 2024)


  • Rumors about the private lives of Super Junior’s Kim Heechul and NCT’s Johnny and Haechan: SM Entertainment declared that the rumors about the private lives of Kim Heechul, Johnny, and Haechan are completely false and announced legal action.
  • Cha In-pyo’s Lecture at Oxford University: Actor and author Cha In-pyo will host a Korean culture festival and give a lecture at Oxford University.
  • An Sun-young’s Past: Presenter An Sun-young, who started her career as a comedian, shared her story of efforts to pay off debts on a TV show.


  • Incident with Jelly from Thailand: Two siblings who ate jelly brought from Thailand tested positive for cannabis but were cleared of charges as they did not know it was “cannabis jelly.”
  • Car Accident in Ui-jeong-bu: An accident occurred in an apartment complex in Ui-jeong-bu when a car veered onto the sidewalk and hit three elementary school students.
  • Violence in a Primary School in Jeonju: A student at a primary school in Jeonju assaulted their teacher and vice-principal, causing societal shock.
  • Murder of an Elementary Student in Incheon: A prison letter from a woman in her 20s who lured and murdered an 8-year-old elementary school student has garnered attention.
  • Decrease in OTT Usage in Korea: The number of Netflix users in South Korea has decreased for five consecutive months, and Coupang Play’s user numbers have also dropped significantly.


  • Seoul Housing Market: The housing market in Seoul is showing an upward trend, with the speed of new apartment contracts also increasing.
  • Stabilization of Consumer Prices: Consumer prices in the country are stabilizing, and calls for interest rate cuts are increasing.
  • Databricks Acquires Tabular: U.S. data company Databricks announced the acquisition of data startup Tabular.
  • SK IET: NH Investment & Securities noted that resolving uncertainties related to the sale of SK IET and attracting new customers is key to its stock price rebound.


  • Nintendo Exhibition: An exhibition on the history of iconic games like Super Mario and Pokémon will be held in Kyoto, Japan, this fall.
  • Tiananmen Anniversary: On the 35th anniversary of the 1989 Tiananmen crackdown, commemorative events are being held overseas.
  • Aircraft Interior Expo: At the Aircraft Interior Expo in Hamburg, Germany, Delta Airlines and other companies showcased their interior technologies.


  • General Election White Paper Committee Controversy: The controversy over the General Election White Paper Committee continues, with most candidates appointed as election measures committee members.
  • First Plenary Session of the 22nd National Assembly: The first plenary session of the 22nd National Assembly was held to elect the National Assembly leadership.


  • Jensen Huang’s Speech: NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang attended a remote keynote speech in Taiwan, introducing new generative AI features.


  • Retirement Business of the Four Major Banks: Major banks are intensifying their retirement business efforts, with a significant increase in fund accumulation.
  • Yuanta Securities’ Analysis on Hanmi Pharmaceutical: Yuanta Securities raised its target price for Hanmi Pharmaceutical, indicating that its performance at the American Society of Clinical Oncology demonstrates its competitiveness.