Korea daily news(June 4th 2024)


  • Appclon: Presented follow-up data on CAR-T therapy ‘AT101’ for blood cancer at the American Society of Clinical Oncology.
  • HD Hyundai Electric: Continues to realize profits; top 1% super-rich investors record net buying trend.
  • Lotte Wellfood: Expected improvement in performance, recorded a 52-week high.
  • National Pension Service: Sold some of its shares in HYBE, reducing its stake by 1.06%.
  • Mirae Asset Global Investments: ETF investing in on-device AI-related companies surpassed 80 billion won in net assets.
  • Naver Cloud: Upgraded AI collaboration tool by applying ‘HyperCLOVA X’.
  • NH Investment & Securities: Offering an annualized pre-tax return of 5.0% to customers who purchase new bonds with maturities over 5 years through a special promotion.
  • Incheon Center for Creative Economy & Innovation: Announced plans to support a record 300 startups.


  • Song Young-gil: Criticized by the Democratic Party and other opposition parties for lacking public trust to replace the Yoon Seok-yeol administration.
  • Chu Kyung-ho, People’s Power Party floor leader: Criticized the Democratic Party’s proposal of a special investigation law on ‘North Korea remittance investigation manipulation by prosecutors’.
  • President Yoon Seok-yeol: Announced the possibility of oil and natural gas deposits in the Yeongil Bay area of Pohang.
  • Reform Party of Korea: Proposed the ‘Han Dong-hoon Special Investigation Law’.
  • Former People’s Power Party lawmaker Tae Young-ho: Made remarks regarding North Korea’s balloon defection.


  • Seoul-Yangyang Expressway: Incident where cars stopped as banknotes flew around.
  • Eiffel Tower Admission Fee: Paris raised the entrance fee by about 20%.
  • Louisiana, USA: Passed a law mandating physical castration for child sex offenders under 13.


  • Highway Road Rage: Incident involving assault after reckless driving.
  • Illegal Adoption of a Newborn in Daegu: Revealed through police investigation that a couple left a newborn to die.
  • Technology
  • Netflix: Criticized for labeling ‘East Sea’ as ‘Sea of Japan’ in Spanish subtitles for ‘The Eight Show’.
  • ITCEN: Partnered with Korea Credit Data (KCD) to participate in an internet-only bank consortium.
  • Kakao Mobility: Plans to expand its service operations globally, beyond national, cultural, and language barriers.
  • Foldable iPhone: Apple’s release of a foldable iPhone is expected to be delayed.


  • Resol: Released ‘SleepySol Light’, a functional device that induces sound sleep.
  • Gangwon Healthcare Special Zone: Collaborated with Estonia to share genomic information and develop joint technology.


  • KyoWon Red Pen: Released ‘Munhae Dangdang’, a must-read book for elementary school students.
  • Play ‘Capital 3’: Addresses issues of human alienation and data theft in the era of platforms and AI.
  • Musical ‘Hero’: 15th-anniversary performance depicting the life of Ahn Jung-geun as a righteous army leader.


  • President Yoon Seok-yeol: Proposed three principles of cooperation—co-growth, sustainability, and solidarity—at the Korea-Africa Summit.
  • Daegu Dalseo-gu: Efforts to spread a marriage-promoting culture to overcome the population crisis.
  • Seoul City: Announced the results of safety inspections of children’s products bought from overseas.
  • Premium Vegan Beauty Brand Talyda Kum: Participated in the ‘Bye Bye Plastic Challenge’.