AI Virtual Artist Suvi Unveils Concept Photo for Digital Single ‘SUNCREAM’

STUDIO META-K’s virtual artist group “SEASON” has unveiled the concept photo for their second member, Suvi, and her upcoming digital single “SUNCREAM.” Following the successful introduction of the virtual artist ‘iaaa’ and its natural visuals, Suvi’s new concept photo has been highly anticipated.

On the 4th of July, Suvi shared the first concept photo titled ‘Water’ for her digital single ‘SUNCREAM’ through the official SNS channels. This marks the beginning of a series of promotional activities for her new release.

The name Suvi, which means ‘summer’ in Finnish, represents the summer season in the group ‘SEASON.’ The newly released photo showcases Suvi’s fresh and hip summer image, capturing the essence of the season. Her visuals, appearing even more natural, have increased anticipation for the upcoming music and music video releases.

Suvi’s first digital single ‘SUNCREAM’ will have its music video teaser released on July 7th, followed by the official release of the track on various streaming platforms on July 11th at noon.

The concept photo for Suvi’s new release can be viewed on her official Instagram account: