Gamer’s Paradise: PC Bangs (PC방)

If you are a foreigner wanting to check out PC Bangs but too scared to do so, you do not have to be; this is a basic guide on how to enjoy PC Bangs as a non-Korean speaker.

PC Bangs (PC방), is a term used for internet cafes in South Korea. There are over 1500 PC Bangs located just in Seoul. If you ever walk to popular places like Myeongdong(명동) and Hongdae(홍대), you will find PC Cafe in every street. Rest assured, PC Bangs in South Korea have fast connections, and if you ever feel hungry while gaming, they can also serve food if you order. You also do not have to worry if you would want to game all day, PC bangs are open 24/7.


It is understandable as a non-korean speaker to feel scared to try PC Bangs since most instructions are written in Korean.  PC Bangs are very easy and affordable. You will also most likely find English speaker workers in a big PC Cafe, who are more than happy to assist you. When you walk in a PC Bang, you will often find a big touch-screen machine, which you can change the language to english to understand it. This is where you will choose how many hours and pay. This machine will then print out a receipt with log-in details which you will enter to your chosen monitor. After doing so, you can choose your desired game and enjoy the rest of your time. It is very easy and straightforward. 


If you are wanting to order food, there is a web page that will pop up as soon as you enter your login information. Even though the menu is written in Korean, they also offer pictures which is very helpful if you are a non-Korean speaker. If you are wanting to extend your time, you can do so by going to the counter, and asking for an extension. 


After reading this, I hope that you are ready to try PC Bangs. It is an experience that you do not want to miss. It truly is a gamer’s paradise. Do not be afraid to walk down those stairs which will lead you to a different and a whole new experience in gaming. 

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