Korea daily news(June 1st 2024)

Domestic News


  • Hong Joon-pyo’s Remarks: Daegu Mayor Hong Joon-pyo commented on the appeal ruling in the divorce case between SK Group Chairman Chey Tae-won and Art Center Nabi Director Noh So-young, stating, “You have to be prepared for that level of asset division.”
  • Marine Corps Veterans Protest at National Assembly: Marine Corps veterans staged a loud protest at the National Assembly. Despite their strong conservative leanings, they expressed significant opposition to the ruling party, while the opposition party increased their engagement with the veterans.
  • Criticism of President Yoon Suk-yeol: The opposition party criticized President Yoon Suk-yeol for attending a workshop with People’s Power Party lawmakers and drinking on the day of the funeral for an army trainee who collapsed during military training.
  • Cheon Ha-ram’s Criticism of Reform Party: Cheon Ha-ram, the floor leader of the Reform Party, criticized some lawmakers for discarding a congratulatory orchid sent by President Yoon Suk-yeol, stating that it showed a lack of basic distinction between public and private matters and a disregard for mutual respect among constitutional institutions.


  • Garbage Dumping Controversy: A man was caught on CCTV throwing a garbage bag containing leftover chicken in front of a neighbor’s house, sparking controversy.
  • Traffic Accident: Multiple traffic accidents occurred on the Jungbu Inland Expressway, resulting in one death and six injuries.
  • Mayor Oh Se-hoon Participates in Han River Festival: Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon participated in the first day of the ‘Take It Easy Han River Triathlon Festival,’ wearing a full-body swimsuit instead of a suit, and swam in the Han River with citizens.
  • Abandoned Baby in Trash Facility: A 30-year-old mother was urgently arrested by the police after abandoning her newborn baby in a waste sorting facility.
  • Underage Employment Scandal: A famous barbecue restaurant owner in Seoul was found to have illegally employed minors without written contracts, prompting investigations by the police and the Ministry of Labor.


  • Han Dong-hoon Loses Lawsuit: Former People’s Power emergency committee chairman Han Dong-hoon lost a defamation lawsuit against a journalist who criticized him during the LCT investigation.
  • Drunk Driving Case: A man in his 40s, previously convicted of causing a fatal accident while driving under the influence, was once again caught driving drunk and received a suspended prison sentence.
  • Sexual Blackmail Case: Young adults who lured acquaintances into sexual relations and then blackmailed them for large sums of money had their sentences reduced on appeal.
  • Sex Trafficking of Teenagers: Owners of a nightlife establishment were arrested for luring two teenage girls into prostitution and sexual assault.


  • Baemin Packaging Fee: Baemin (Baedal Minjok) announced it would start charging new store owners a packaging fee from July 1st, with existing stores given a grace period until March next year.
  • Tesla Stock Decline: Tesla’s stock has fallen by about 30% this year, with analysts predicting a rebound in the second half of the year.
  • Franchise Price Hikes: Prices of various processed foods and beverages, including chocolate, cola, seaweed, soy sauce, and franchise menu items, have increased in June.


International News


  • Indonesian President’s Statement: The next president of Indonesia expressed willingness to send peacekeeping forces to Gaza if necessary.
  • German University President Faces Dismissal: The president of a German university is facing dismissal after liking an anti-Semitic tweet.
  • Condemnation of North Korean Balloon Launch: Defense Minister Shin Won-sik strongly condemned North Korea’s balloon launch during an international multilateral meeting.


  • Japanese Cryptocurrency Theft: A major theft of 48.2 billion yen (approximately $420 million) worth of cryptocurrency occurred at the Japanese exchange ‘DMM Bitcoin.’
  • Thai Boat Rescue: A South Korean coast guard officer stationed in Seogwipo was praised for rescuing passengers from a sinking boat in Thailand.
  • US Trade Sanctions: China is secretly trading semiconductor drones and other products with Iran and Russia, countries under US trade and financial sanctions.




  • DJ NewJin’s Performance Canceled: Comedian Yoon Sung-ho, who performs as DJ NewJin dressed in monk robes, had his Singapore club performance canceled.


  • Artist Choi Woo-yeol Wins Art Audition: Choi Woo-yeol won the grand prize in MBN’s national art competition show ‘Hwa100.’
  • Kim Young-na Solo Exhibition: Artist Kim Young-na displayed works deconstructing the use of everyday items in a solo exhibition at the Busan International Gallery.

Film and OTT

  • New Releases from Disney+ and Netflix: Disney+ released ‘Uncle Samsik,’ and Netflix released ‘The 8 Show,’ both highly anticipated OTT shows for the first half of 2024.
  • Lee Jung-jae in ‘Star Wars’ Series: Director of the ‘Star Wars’ series ‘The Acolyte,’ in which actor Lee Jung-jae stars, reprimanded those making racist attacks against casting non-white actors.