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We Grow Together

With DIOKOS Internship and Career Development Program, you will develop an international portfolio that will become the foundation of your future career. Through lifestyle content creation and forging cross-cultural relationships, you will have the opportunity to advance your business skills while exploring the dynamic culture of Korea and the world.


DIOKOS is a lifestyle information provider specializing in Korea and Spain. We are a multinational parent company that manages and oversees the interest of our subsidiaries with our support and resources. Guided by our founding philosophy, “WE GROW TOGETHER,” we prioritize a client-centered approach, working closely with global clients to help solve their business setbacks seamlessly. With years of international business insights and experiences, we serve as a trustworthy partner for clients seeking to transition to different regions and build their connections, communication, and confidence.


Why our program?

At DIOKOS, our program is more than just an internship, it’s an immersive cultural journey. We pride ourselves on creating a collaborative space where you have the opportunity to work on projects most relevant to your career interests. With us, it’s not just about work. Included in our program are cultural events that strive to unlock the authentic Korean experience. We want your experiences at DIOKOS and in South Korea to transform you into a global citizen and guide your professional career. Our goal is to provide you with the experience of a lifetime — one that will be more than just a memory.


Program Goals


Work alongside an accomplished CEO, gain hands-on experience in Korean and international business, and build a global network of industry-specialized interns. Expand your skills in digital content creation, social media management, and journalism, while establishing cross-cultural connections and unleashing your creativity.

Career Development

Elevate your career with our program that focuses on preparing you for the professional world. Learn Korean business etiquette first-hand from a knowledgeable CEO with years of experience. Through immersive workshops, you will enhance skills by honing interview techniques, developing communication and critical thinking abilities, crafting compelling resumes, and engaging with guest speakers for valuable insights and networking opportunities.

Business/Cultural Immersion

Weekly business and cultural events will be provided for interns, featuring visits to popular tourist destinations and Korean cultural heritage sites (eg. Gyeongbokgung Palace), as well as conferences and activities related to professional and student life in Korea. Interns are welcome to contribute their input for event preferences, considering availability and group size.


"Working at DIOKOS for the summer has been such an unforgettable experience. As a pre-health student, my time as a Content Marketing Intern for DIOKOS’ KoreaAgain has helped me so much with navigating unfamiliar territory when it comes to the digital space! Danny has made every effort to ensure that I would gain something from our work together, providing opportunities that have allowed me to grow tremendously. He is someone who I feel lucky to call a mentor!”
Kyra Aligaen
University of Southern California
"Working closely with our CEO Danny Han, is such a great experience. His dedication, knowledge, and supportive nature have truly made this experience invaluable. As a DIOKOS intern, I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work so closely with everyone, it developed my skills everyday, and has helped create new friendships."
Charmaine Cruz
Curtin University
“Interning at Diokos has improved my communication and project management skills tenfold. I love the work environment, and see my own career development daily!”
Josh Tran
University of Oregon
"One of the most important transitions every student will have to experience is the change from being a student to a full time employee. Interning at DIOKOS has eased this transition as our CEO Danny Han not only helped us refine our skills but also allowed us great insight in Korean culture and business practices. I am very grateful to have met him not only as my supervisor and mentor but also as a friend."
Dillon Tran
Curtin University

Program Costs


$ 6,000 USD
  • With Housing


$ 7,000 USD
  • Upgraded Housing


$ 6,700 USD
  • With Housing


$ 7,800 USD
  • Upgraded Housing

Application Process

This is a casual interview where you can get to know previous interns/current employees, as well share more about yourself!

Note: There is a non-refundable application fee of ($50)  if CV is picked. If offered, it will be deducted from program price.

If selected for an additional interview with DIOKOS, you will have the opportunity to speak with CEO Danny Han.

Learn more about his portfolio here. 

Option 1: We request full payment for the program within 2 weeks of receiving your program acceptance offer.
If this option is selected, a 10% discount will be applied. 

Option 2: Within 2 weeks of receiving your acceptance offer, we ask for half payment of the program price. We ask for the remaining half to be paid 2 weeks prior to the internship program start date.

Referral Discount: An additional 10% discount will be offered if you are recommended by a DIOKOS Internship and Immersion Program Alumni. Connect with them here! 


Hear more about some of our interns' experiences here!


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Address : Seocho-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Registration # : 449-81-03083

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