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[Internship] Global internship-based in Korea - Smartscore

2022-11-24 10:24
Global internship-based in Korea

Company : Smartscore
Internship (6 months)
Role for each of the following languages (Thai, Tagalog, Bahasa Indonesia, Malay, Vietnamese,
Japanese, Chinese)

About Smartscore
Smartscore is a technology company in the global golf industry. We currently lead
the way in digitalizing the golfer experience in Korea. However, we aim to achieve
further and reach out to the world. We deploy innovative technology that connects
golfers with more than 400 golf courses globally. There are currently about 40,000
golf courses and 61 million golfers worldwide. We are looking for someone who can
pioneer our global application to these numbers so that no one is left out in the
global digitalization of the golf industry.

That’s where you come in.
In this role, you will coordinate the globalization plan of our user application. Not only
will you be dealing with critical enhancement points but also find the focal point of the
application for each international market. Your key objective will be to navigate the
localization of our global application at the country of your expertise.

Review the UI and expressions of the global Smartscore application
Streamline the application functions considering future operations in each country
Establish focal points of the application for each market according to localization
Articulates possible enhancements that can be made to the Smartscore application
Doing market research of your language about golf industry

Basic computer skills
Investigative and determined
Attentive and motivated
Remarkable global insight and communication skills
Must be able to speak English

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Smartscore Website :

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