Wontech Co., Ltd. Participates in K-Med Expo Vietnam 2024

Wontech participated in the ‘2nd Vietnam Medical Device Fair (K-Med Expo Vietnam 2024)’ organized by the Korean Society for Aesthetic Laser Surgery, held from June 13th to 15th at the SECC Exhibition Center in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
This event was a platform for renowned Korean medical experts to introduce the latest medical technologies through lectures, attracting about 6,000 Vietnamese doctors who attended to observe and experience Korean medical devices and technologies.

Dr. Minho Lee from Best Top and Dr. Jaewoo Kim from Myeongdong Lee & Jang delivered in-depth lectures on Wontech’s innovative products, PicoAlex and Oligio, respectively. They highlighted the technical excellence and clinical applications of these products, garnering significant interest from attending medical professionals.
In particular, Dr. Nghi from Vietnam actively promoted Wontech’s Picocare Majesty, showcasing its superiority and potential applications to local doctors, which received enthusiastic responses from the local medical experts.

Wontech’s participation in K-Med Expo Vietnam 2024 served to strengthen its presence in the Vietnamese market and solidify cooperative relationships with local medical professionals. The company aims to continue expanding its influence in the global market through pioneering medical solutions.