[GAMETOC] Challenge the ‘Ultimate Bunny’ even without spending money in First Descendant

As the alpha and omega of The First Descendant, it boasts a high production difficulty. If you were to name the most popular successor in Nexon’s new looter shooter ‘The First Descendant’, it would undoubtedly be ‘Ultimate Bunny’. Ultimate Bunny has captured the attention of numerous gamers worldwide, including in Korea, with its beautiful appearance […]

[GAMETOC] Black Ops 6 to Hold First-Ever Open Beta on All Platforms

Early Access from August 30 to September 4, Open Beta from September 6 to 9 Blizzard will conduct an open beta for “Call of Duty: Black Ops 6” on all platforms, including PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, for the first time in the franchise’s history. On the 16th, Blizzard announced the early access and open beta […]

[GAMETOC] Tekken 8’s New Character ‘Lidia’ to Officially Release on the 25th

Early Access on July 22… Beach Map, Photo Mode, and Beach Costumes to Be Introduced On the 12th, Bandai Namco announced the release date and detailed information for the second DLC character, Lidia Sobieska, during a live broadcast of ‘Tekken 8.’ Lidia, who has trained in karate, is the next Prime Minister of Poland. She […]

[GAMETOC] Final Fantasy XIV Announces 24-Player Hero Raid

Return of Large-Scale Field Content like ‘Eureka’ and Announcement of 24-Player Hero Raid Square Enix has announced that a 24-player Hero Raid will be coming to Final Fantasy XIV. During the ‘Japan Expo in Paris 2024’ held on July 13th and 14th, Naoki Yoshida, the producer and director of Final Fantasy XIV, held a special […]

[GAMETOC] Addition of ‘Complete Eternal Product’ Rewards to Top Bosses in MapleStory

To improve the unfairness of rewards for higher-level bosses, definite rewards have been added. – Changseop Kim, MapleStory Director Nexon’s ‘MapleStory’ is adding a complete Eternal Armor Box to the boss rewards as part of the boss reward revamp. On the 11th, Nexon held a live broadcast on MapleStory’s official YouTube channel. Director Changseop Kim […]

T1 Esports Academy Signs MOU with Yonsei Esports Lab

T1 Esports Academy (hereinafter T1A), an esports specialized educational institution, and Yonsei Esports Lab announced that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to analyze and evaluate esports player capabilities and develop training programs. T1A is an academy operated by T1, a prestigious club known in Korea’s League of Legends LCK, providing esports education […]

[GAMETOC] The Awakening Forest: A Turning Point for New Story in DNF

New Legion Dungeon ‘The Awakening Forest’ Released on Test Server and Future Directions – New Legion Dungeon ‘The Awakening Forest’ Nexon has added a new legion dungeon, ‘The Awakening Forest,’ with the latest update to the Dungeon & Fighter test server on the 10th, along with adjustments to fusion stones and job balance. The Awakening […]

[GAMETOC] Honkai: Star Rail Reveals New Character ‘Jade’ Trailer

300,000 Won Herta… Quantum Element, The Path to Great Knowledge, Queen of Deceit Imminent Release With eyes as cold as a snake, a stunning appearance, a perfect figure, and a captivating voice, the Queen of Deceit is about to meet Honkai: Star Rail fans. HoYoverse unveiled the trailer for the new character ‘Jade’ titled ‘Desire […]

Konkuk University, Application Period for Overseas Koreans and Foreign Students: July 9-11

Konkuk University will conduct the application process for the 2025 academic year early admission “Overseas Koreans and Foreign Students” from July 9 to 11. The eligibility criteria are divided into three main categories. Type 1 (Overseas Koreans and Foreigners) includes children of employees working overseas who have studied for more than three years during middle […]